Christian Hoiberg Landscape Photography.First Impressions for the Raya Professional Panel

Christian Hoiberg Landscape Photography.First Impressions for the Raya Professional Panel

As a few of you may know already, Jimmy McIntyre recently circulated their brand new processing plug in for Adobe Photoshop. Raya professional was designed to make your processing workflow much easier. Mixing multiple images, luminosity masks, improvements and internet sharpening is all available through basic steps. It might seem like paradise, but just just how good can it be?

The Raya Pro consist of three practical groups; Digital Blending, Luminosity Masks and improvements. Lets have a look at every one and do a whole workflow while flirting just utilizing Raya professional.

Note: i am going to never be entering level for each and another function, but do an even more explanation that is general of workflow panel. At the conclusion of the review i am going to include links to your Raya professional Youtube channel where you can find in level tutorials regarding the different functions.

Digital Mixing

Digital mixing is step one out of the workflow, this is certainly if you're mixing pictures needless to say! After starting your pictures in photoshop, just press the amount of exposures you've got, and all sorts of the files will undoubtedly be placed as levels. Now align the image and you are clearly prepared to mix. A few of these actions are instead fundamental and easy tasks currently, nonetheless it does save yourself a moment to simply click on the buttons within the panel. Effortless!

Raya professional utilizes two blending practices. The well known Blend If method as well as the less popular Apply Image.Blending pictures has never ever been easier than this. It is as easy as 1,2,3! Once you understand whether you need to use Blend If or Apply image is tricky. I focus on Blend If and when the total outcome is perhaps not pleasing i shall decide to try use image.

For the image found in this workflow i came across Blend If to exert effort great!

Following the image is blended it's simple to effortlessly Group & Merge. At this stage i am going to step from the panel for an extra to make use of Camera Raw and then crop if required.

In the event that image includes a color cast simply press the "car Proper" switch and it's also fixed. There is the Auto Correct to provide great outcomes most the full time, but I usually reduce steadily the opacity associated with the Colour Layer.

If the modifications be a bit of, you need to use the Manual Right that will be a bit more higher level, but is well explained into the video lessons. Colour Adjust is a tool that is great focus on the tonal contrast also it darkens/brightens the chosen selection of color.

Luminosity Masks

Given that our image is blended and colour corrected, it's time to carry on the process that is creative creating some Luminosity Masks (if needed for the particular picture). Physically i really believe this can be among the coolest features within the panel. Producing Luminosity Masks was already effortless simply by using other panels, nevertheless the possibility to have a real time preview associated with mask is brilliant!

The Preview Overlay demonstrates to you precisely what elements of your image will be afflicted with the selected mask. After developing a white mask, select the luminosity mask you might think will match the job and press Preview Overlay. You now have colour that is pink all affected regions of the picture. This is why seeking the proper a great deal easier you may already know every single spot that'll be chosen. You would not be aware of that beforehand as you can see on my photo above, areas beyond the marching ants will be touched as well and most likely. Thats really why the Preview function is this type of crucial device.

The Luminosity Mask category looks intimidating with all the numbers and options at first glance. Fortunately Jimmy does a congrats simplifying it through the tutorials. It actually is pretty simple once you receive familiar with it. We will undoubtedly be making use of a lot more of this for my future workflows!

Another good function is the product range Masks. They are high comparison luminosity masks that really works perfect whenever normal masks cant make a selection that is good.


The 3rd and final category that is functional the improvements. In this folder there was numerous enjoyable functions so that you could mess around with and explore with. I particularly just like the connect with Shadows and connect with Highlights function, which as suggested just is applicable the modification to highlights or shadows by developing a mask.

It really is difficult to get an excessive amount of into information concerning the alterations since these are actually dependent upon your picture. We might discover the Orton impact to operate ideal for one image, not at all for the next. At the conclusion of the day we nevertheless would like to make my very own Orton impact therefore I have actually 100% control through the process that is entire will make alterations determined by my picture.

Vivid Colours is a function that i have grown to like plenty. It provides a boost that is nice tints, yet still simple and cannot over saturate. Should you feel the modification is a little to strong, just lower the opacity unless you such as the result.

On a notice that is general the adjustments does a great work and based on your personal style along with your picture you could find all of them helpful.

Underneath the tab that is finish find an excellent device known as Sensor Dust. I've no clue why it really is found under Finish, since this is certainly amongst the very very first actions of a normal workflow. But, the device it self is fantastic and produces an exceptionally detail by detail b&w to show all dirt spots.

Theres also 5 buttons called Your Action. They are buttons it is simple to include actions that are own, such as for example internet sharpening in space than obtainable in the panel, or possibly theres an adjustment you ordinarily enhance your pictures.

Raya professional's internet sharpening is among the better available. It creates a razor-sharp, clean outcome, and I also've yet to obtain an over-sharpened result.


After utilizing the Raya Pro panel for two to three weeks, and used every action numerous times, i have implemented areas of the panel to my workshop. You can still find tools that are many changes i personally use that aren't situated in Raya professional, nevertheless the Digital Blending and Luminosity Mask actions fit perfect into my workflow. You can make use of and realize plus the email address details are great.

Are you aware that improvements we nevertheless choose to do a lot of them myself, however they are every one of good quality and does a great task. We simply take my hat down and congratulate Jimmy in developing a panel that is outstanding can help numerous photographers within their workflow.

During the good cost of 39.99$ I suggest purchasing the Raya professional Panel.

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