Money Improvements Unlocking Your Farm’s Growth Potential

Money Improvements Unlocking Your Farm’s Growth Potential

from CCGA

A cash advance can unlock your farm’s potential for growth whether you’re just getting started or have been farming for years. An advance offers you the flexibleness to advertise your product if the right some time cost is better for your needs, upping your farm’s income. It reduces your price of manufacturing through low-interest funding solutions.

Getting all this work is simpler than ever before, along with your advance requires within one location at CCGA:

More products within one spot.

CCGA offers advances for several field that is major, honey and livestock in west Canada. Having all of your advance loan requires within one spot saves you time.

Friendly service your path.

Our customer support group is concentrated on delivering solutions for farmers each time, whether you utilize phone solutions, our internet-based web solutions at or our CCGA Cash Advance that is handy App.

One application plus one reasonable cost.

Whether you are using on crops, honey, livestock or most of the overhead, you can expect to have only to complete one application and can be recharged only one administration cost.

Ensure You Get Your Funds Quicker.

CCGA’s direct deposit function gets cash loan resources into your arms quicker, helping you save a trip into the post-office and a vacation to your lender.

Several approaches to use.

  • Phone
  • On Line
  • Face-to-face
  • Mail or Fax

The Advance Payments plan will continue to provide farmers:

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  • Up to $400,000 advance utilizing the very very first $100,000 interest-free;
  • Competitive interest levels at CIBC prime;
  • Mobility to market your product whenever marketplace circumstances tend to be favorable;
  • As much as repayment that is 18-month on plants, honey, hogs, goats and sheep;
  • As much as repayment that is 24-month on cattle and bison.

Eligible Products

Improvements designed for 45 products, including all field that is major, honey and livestock kinds. These generally include:

System Details

Any farmer can apply, for as long since they are a Canadian resident or perhaps a permanent citizen of Canada who’s got achieved the age bulk when you look at the province where they farm. Corporations, cooperatives and partnerships may also be qualified.

Farmers can make an application for an advance through the entire system 12 months. a springtime whole whole grain advance must certanly be guaranteed by crop fast payday loans of Indiana insurance coverage or AgriStability. Post-harvest whole whole grain improvements tend to be guaranteed because of the unsold kept crop. The animals must already be born and the advance must be secured by AgriStability to be eligible for a livestock advance.

So How Exactly Does An Advance Work?

CCGA money improvements tend to be determined according to advance prices. For plants and honey, these prices tend to be per metric tonne or per lb. For livestock, the rates tend to be per head. Prices differ by commodity and also by province. The worthiness of money improvements offered to each farm is based on:

  • the total amount of commodity(s) which is why they use,
  • the advance price for the product,
  • modification elements such as for example crop insurance coverage or AgriStability protection levels and,
  • system qualifications limitations.

Pre-Harvest Whole Whole Grain Improvements

For whole whole grain, farmers can put on for a pre-harvest or springtime advance either before or after growing. For pre-seeded improvements, farmers obtain 60% of these determined advance whenever their particular application is authorized. The rest of the 40% is granted whenever CCGA gets the farmer’s Actual Seeded Report.

Post-Harvest Whole Whole Whole Grain Improvements

Whole grain farmers can put on for any advance on kept whole grain whenever you want through the entire system 12 months.

Livestock Improvements

Livestock improvements may be sent applications for when throughout the system 12 months, provided that the stock put on has already been created. Advance prices differ for various types and loads of livestock.

Repaying Your Advance

CCGA improvements tend to be paid back since the commodities advanced in can be bought. For whole grain, honey, goats, sheep and hogs, the advance must certanly be paid back in complete by September 30 of each and every 18-month system duration. For cattle and bison, the advance needs to be paid back in complete by March 31 of the 24-month system period. Constant movement cattle and hog improvements must certanly be compensated within year of this advance becoming given or because of the end of this manufacturing duration. Repayment options include:

  1. A CCGA approved whole whole whole grain buyer could make repayments right to a producer’s account as whole whole grain comes through the 12 months, or
  2. Money repayments is built to CCGA straight using your lender, including banking that is online.
  3. Money repayments can directly be made to CCGA by cheque.

Much much much More versatile payment principles.

Whole whole Grain farmers just who offer whole grain and also make repayments prior to January 31 regarding the system year are not any longer necessary to send sales paperwork.

Simple tips to utilize

The money advance system administered by CCGA is created accessible to Canadian farmers through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Advance Payments plan.

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