Online dating service in Asia simply exit the vacation, we obtained

Online dating service in Asia simply exit the vacation, we obtained

Give situation


The info from iResearch shows the marketplace size of China online dating sites increase from 487 million Yuan, 2010 to 1.9 billion Yuan, with an annual ordinary mixture rate of growth of 31.3per cent, strategy beyond that of United States market place and that is 3.4per cent.

Which is shown inside dining table, the industry is quite mature with an incredibly attention stage. In 2021, the biggest 3 websites need 73.7% associated with marketplace, on the other hand, the 1st 10 internet has occupied 93.81%.

On the other hand, the particular business setting hasn't changed basically, practically out-of-date.

Ryan: complement possesses over 17 million customers. That’s a big database consumers that one could look for. Anyhow, right here’s anything intriguing about January and February. It will be the preferred your time for dating online. If you feel about any of it. We merely get off the holiday, we have those family members abstraction transpiring and people questions one ‘so if you’re getting get together’ or ‘when you’re receiving hitch” or whatever. And online dating sites turns out to be awesome prominent during that time. Therefore we obtained a number of the best kind like accommodate and kinda consider all of them. So at accommodate is quite easy and easy.


Owners don’t continue to be for quite some time

The customers of online dating service bring evident focus: to uncover their lose. or Mr. best. Therefore after choosing the one encounter, they'll stop with the site. As Muyan, Baihe (No.3 dating site in Asia) states, one levels generally stay productive for 6 month to at least one season.

Number of customers are paying user

The No.1 site, Jiayuan, only has when it comes to 550,000 spending customers month after month, with 35 million customers altogether. The proportion of paying users is 1.6%


Not enough connections

However this is an ordinary design of Chinese dating website: fundamental personal data + relationships. But the four choice below, “send text”, “say hello”, “send gifts” and “follow the girl” aren't enough attractive. Anytime I witness this, I feel the shape like checking out requirements of a product.

No follow-up service

After marriage, lovers supply desires like consultancy which might be built into these websites. When in concept, nobody achieved it.

Inadequate focus your attention

Browsing among tens of millions of applicants from various areas of life, from younger to older… , consumers need to devote much time so there constantly unreal expertise to care. It’s a huge chore for everybody.

No related program

Most paid dating sites only provide online dating and coordinating solution. The details about appropriate services including marriage photography, event feast, honeymoon reservation can scarcely be found on these websites.

Low consistency

Finally thirty days, a girl from Beijing found a guy saying themselves as a “project manager”. This person wanted the lady to go to his “project” and via excursion the lady sustained an auto accident. But she grabbed no worry through the “project management” and also force fist from him or her. Reported on a study from Shanghai morning hours, very nearly 30percent consumers have gone through this dilemma.



Besides online dating services, paid dating sites are now actually attempting new product around diamond instance B2C order online. For instance, Jiayuan produced their online shop “Que” by the end of just the previous year, creating relevant service like wedding, pictures.


Wedding and parents counselor am identified by Chinese federal government in 2007. Because of the approval by federal, this market will develop more quickly in the future.

Genuine brand

Baihe started to thrust the customers to place genuine identity and private facts on line after just the previous year. Through this method, Baihe geared in order to save some dilemmas just like identity and credibility for its people. And from now on other sites will be striving this.

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